Dog Barks and Save Owners From 13-foot King Cobra Is A True Hero

Not only humans are heroes but pets can be our hero as well. This is a story happened in Selangor. A barking dog saved his owners from falling prey to a 13 foot-long king cobra which had entered their fruit shop undetected. Applause to the brave dog!

The giant cobra had entered the fruit shop in Kampung Melayu, Batu Arang, Selangor unbeknownst to the couple, in their 50s, which owns and runs it.

When their dog began to bark incessantly at a shelf on which fruits were displayed at 7 pm, the couple was at first confused.

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The snake was transported to the fire station, before being released at the Batu Arang Forest Reserve, located far from the housing area.

“The couple then checked the shelf and were shocked to find the 13-foot-long king cobra there,” said Batu Arang Fire and Rescue department chief, Yazli Yahya to Bernama.

“A team of seven officers was rushed to the scene following an emergency call at 7.13pm,” he said, adding that they took less than three minutes to capture the poisonous reptile, which is believed to have originated from a nearby forest reserve.


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