Foods That Can Kill A Cat

Although cats are the most curious cats among other animals but did you know curiosity can kill them? There are some categories of food that very dangerous for your feline. If you noticed vomiting, diarrhea, a rapid heart rate and seizures, you should take your cat to vet immediately.


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Chocolate, candy, and gum are harmful to your feline as it contains theobromine, caffeine, and flavors that can be fatal to your cats. It may be sweet for you but can kill your feline.

Onions and garlic

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These type of food also can be dangerous to your cats. Either it’s raw or cooked, you must avoid feeding your cats onions or garlic. It is because cats do not have the enzyme to digest onions and garlic.

Rotting Foods

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Rotting foods also can kill your feline because it has mycotoxins that come from fungi growing.
Mycotoxins also found in English walnuts and mushrooms which should be avoided in their diet.

Raw Fish

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People often feed their feline with raw fish. The fact is raw fish can cause a thiamine deficiency and can be dangerous if you feed regularly.


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Yeast can be dangerous to your feline even one dose of it can rupture your cat’s stomach or intestines as it expands and produces gas.

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