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Pet groomer need to possess a wide range of skills to ensure that their furry clients, as well as their owners, are satisfied. A professional pet groomer does much more than just keep our pets looking and smell nice. A pet groomer can be an important member of a pet’s healthcare team by discovering potential problems early, such as ear infections, skin abnormalities or tooth decay. It is ordinary for pet groomers to also be small business owners, owning and managing their own grooming salon. However, there are many opportunities to work as a pet groomer even if you are not interested in running a small business. Large pet-themed specialty stores, veterinarians, animal hospitals, kennels, shelters and up-scale hotels and resorts are just some of the places a skilled pet groomer may find work. Groomers not only need to be experts in providing these services but also in explaining the process to owners, to ensure they arrive at the desired result for their pet.

It is always a misconception where many people believe the job is an easy one, but in fact, it is a highly demanding job, in terms of talent, skill, breed-specific knowledge and physical strength.

It is always a misconception where many people believe the job is an easy one, but in fact, it is a highly demanding job, in terms of talent, skill, breed-specific knowledge and physical strength.

Many individuals are keen to become a pet groomer but to be a pet groomer, you will need qualifications and in case you are wondering where to start, there are some pet grooming and pet care course here in Malaysia.

House Of Groomers Academy & Pet Salon – Previously known as Champion Pedigree and was established in the year 1999 as a one-stop pet services provider in Subang Jaya. In 2005, House of Groomers Academy moved a notch higher to specialize in pet grooming education and training students. With its amiable reputation, it went on to forge a partnership with Open University Malaysia (OUM) thus becoming the first pet grooming academy in Malaysia to be recognized by Malaysian Universities.

Its instructors won many local as well as international awards establishing a world wide reputation. All instructors at House Of Groomers Academy are qualified with American Master Groomers certification and by far, House Of Groomers Academy has the most American certified master groomers outside the United States of America and Canada. In 2006, the founder and principal of House Of Groomers Academy then established Malaysian Pet Groomers Association (MPGA), structuring a board of qualified examiners to qualify pet groomers.

House Of Groomers Academy received an overwhelming response from students who seek to learn pet grooming as a career. To stand above the rest, House Of Groomers Academy are affiliated to various international pet grooming schools and world largest pet grooming associations thus providing unlimited opportunities for students to further improve and excel in the pet grooming career nationally as well as internationally.

Passion for owning beautiful show pets at early ages has brought members of House of Groomers Academy to territories around the world, stretching from Europe to America, Canada to Australia, Japan to the Philippines, Taiwan to Thailand, Hong Kong to Singapore.

Pets Icon Grooming Academy – Established in 2006. Pets Icon Grooming Academy is an International Awards-Winning Pet Grooming Academy alongside a strong lineup of reputable Master Instructors. Also, provide uncompromised education for aspiring professional pet groomer to be for Malaysia & International students.

Pets Icon Grooming Academy courses adopt the latest teaching techniques from America and all over Asia countries with the mission to coach future pet groomers with professionalism and stylish fusion grooming technique.

Pets Icon Grooming Academy aspires to share the knowledge gained in the development of styling and technique cumulated over the years. The internationally acclaimed grooming course adopts a strict code of ethics and professionalism that aims to nurture a group of passionate, committed and responsible pet groomer.

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With the duration of 6 months for full time and up to 9 months for part time, students will learn the difference and similarity between grooming a dog and cat as well as learning the correct technique to groom them. Students will be able to unlock their potential, as this course will focus on all aspects of the grooming industry, from grooming a pet to managing your pet business.

With the insights of the Pets Icon Grooming Academy master groomers, this course gives you the solid foundation to your scissoring techniques, taking your skills to another level. Professional Students will also receive constructive and valuable guidance on how to run a successful business. Students are entitled to a professional consultation and review of the business plan in their process of starting their own business.

Yuri Grooming & Training – Before the year 2000, pet grooming was relatively unheard of in Malaysia. Pets were just bathed, or brushed regularly which very much contrasts the more exorbitant methods of today that conduct pet pampering with spas, manicures, and styling; much like the saloons which we human patron. For the uninformed, Yuri Grooming & Training (YGT) is the first ever pet grooming academy to sprout in Malaysia where to contribute a changing move shifted a new era in the pet industry.

Established by Ms. Yuri Lim in the year 2002, Yuri Grooming & Training (YGT) was the foremost in Malaysia to provide professional grooming training. The grooming school is committed to training professional groomers to cope with the insatiable demands in the industry. The main objective of the training program is to help students to learn all the essential elements of pet grooming to become quality groomers.The school is well known for producing groomers with excellent grooming skill and be able to work independently under challenging environment.


Miss Jamie Sie, founder of JGA Grooming Academy (JGA) and only Malaysia appointed Academy by the L.W.E Pet Grooming School (Taiwan). Today, JGA has branches in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

With the ultimate goal- to improve Malaysia’s Pet Grooming standards to international level, JGA fulfills pet groomers need and develop them to be a professional groomer. The principle, Miss Jamie Sie is a Japan P.S.G Master Instructor, the Best technical award for Taiwan KCT level A, Malaysia MKA Grooming Judge, China CKU level A, China AIPTSA level A, Committee of Malaysian Groomers Club and Asia KCUA level A.


Located in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur, JGA also provide wide range of pet grooming courses in Malaysia including LEVEL A (ADVANCED) dog grooming course, LEVEL B (INTERMEDIATE) dog grooming course, LEVEL C dog grooming courses and others that adopts the latest teaching techniques from Japan and Taiwan’s with the mission to train future pet groomers with professionalism and fashionable grooming techniques. JGA is also the only grooming academy certified by Japan’s Farming and Forestry Province, as well as Environment Province. Our instructors are certified Master Groomers by Japan PSG.


Built by Groomers for Groomers. Not just a tagline, but it personifies Groomers Connection Academy the love for pets, creating a foundation for students to realize their love and passion for pets in a connected environment. Established in 2009, Groomers Connection Academy is an International Pet Styling educational institution providing education for aspiring professional pet stylist to be for Malaysian and International students.

Located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur, Groomers Connection Academy ensures their students can be academically and socially rewarded. Their teaching methodology of Fusion Trimming Style which combines the Western breed standard profiles with Asian adorable pet styling, created by the founder, highly sorts after in the pet styling industry which even includes the country like the United States of America. She is also a master pet stylist and GC Instructor, being the 1st Malaysian Master Pet Stylist to give seminar in the USA

In 2009, Groomers Connection Academy officially received the International Accreditation and still the only International Accredited Pet Grooming Academy in Malaysia today. Groomers Connection Academy also received another big recognition from the shore of England and collaborate with South Essex College, England. Groomers Connection Academy also have their own puppy salon and kitten salon.

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