Interesting Facts about your Dog that you may not realize

It is no doubt that dogs are an incredible species in many ways. Numerous stories and accounts dating back to hundreds of years ago prove just how amazing canines can be, from selfless heroes to brave warriors, they are truly a gift to mankind.

1. Dogs have a ‘sixth sense’
Their heightened senses allow them to see and hear things that are
invisible and inaudible to the human eye and ear. There are even reports
which suggest that they can even sense when their owners are ill and/or

2. Dog language can be decoded by their tail wagging
It is a common misconception that a wagging tail correlates to happiness
and/or excitement. In fact, it is suggested that dogs wag their tail only to
the right if they’re happy, while tail wagging to the left signals that they
are afraid. In addition, if they are wagging low, this typically means that
they are insecure. Aggression can also be determined by the low height of
the wagging if this is accompanied by tense, rapid muscle movements.

3. Petting your dog is healthy for you
Many studies have shown that petting your pet can lower blood pressure,
alleviate stress, increase empathy, as well as act as an anti-depressant. In
fact, many universities around the UK have dedicated a special ‘puppy
room’ for students to pet dogs during exam periods.

4. Dogs experience separation anxiety
Just like humans, an extended period of time away from their beloved
owners can induce separation anxiety to your pet. Tip: To ease your furry
friend’s anxiety, leave them with a piece of your clothing, the familiar scent of you will
comfort them during your absence.

5. Dogs get jealous!
Studies have shown that dogs are prone to jealousy if they see their owner(s) displaying affection and attention to someone else.

Geraldine Mainaky

BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing Student at The University of Nottingham (UK) 2015-2018. Editorial Intern at WaggyLove Group.

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